You spot it you got it! What annoys you may be what is you

So, for about five years now I have lived by this mantra, you spot it, you got it! ( first saw it on Oprah via Martha Beck, many years ago) The qualities of others that are annoying to you, (there’s none, right?) are really just a reflection of you. I use to be a horrible nag, especially in my marriage, until I realized his qualities that annoyed me, were the qualities that annoyed me about myself & its so much easier to focus on others. Right?  Example, I use to hound my husband about being to laid back…Well, that’s ME!..and totally annoying..but much easier to focus on his inability. I can’t stand those who coddle their kids, but mine are royalty. Please take a minute or twenty and read about it…profound changes for me. This philosophy has given me tons of peace in my marriage and external relationships. The people who annoy you most, offer the most lessons for growth…real growth!


2 thoughts on “You spot it you got it! What annoys you may be what is you

  1. This is oh so true. I had my “you spot it” moment several years back, when I started getting really annoyed about people who passed judgement on others. After soul searching, that was definitely me. It continues to be a lifelong battle, but something that I am very mindful of and work on continuously!

    • I tend to judge the action. I don’t feel comfortable playing God & summing people up, but I’m not going to ignore my internal conscience. I do believe that some actions are just wrong & selfish.. I will acknowledge that.

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