How often do people tell you, Its just been crazy busy!

How often do you get that response when you ask someone how they are? Oh..Its just crazy busy. I often think of this response as a substitute for saying, I don’t really have anything to say..please don’t engage me to much!  & if you must then stay in the comfort zones; work, kids, school, complaining about housework..or most boring of all.. the weather. Below, 2 links. First, wisdom. Second, ruthlessly teasing busy moms.

I love this nugget below. Amazing thoughts on, I’m just crazy busy mentality. Are you busy & if you are Why did you choose that for yourself?

This below just busts me up every time.. Men do this part of life better..


2 thoughts on “How often do people tell you, Its just been crazy busy!

  1. It’s really about how that business is perceived, by the busy person. Many do use business to hide from the life that haunts them. Maybe they are haunted by a past that they don’t want to face and they are trying to run from it; maybe they aren’t enjoying the life they’ve made for themselves; or maybe they are fearful of not measuring up to the rest of mankind. For these folks, there is a level that anxiety that accompanies them. I know many of these people. We can help these people by patiently reaching out, and showing them there is another way or helping them find their way. There is another type of business though. There are natural born doers. Community shakers. Lovers, healers, givers. People put on this earth for a purpose….a role to serve. There is purpose to their business. For some of these folks, their desire to do gets fed by their ego. Not ideal. For others, it is simply about giving. In this case, giving time. Something that no dollar figure can be assigned to.

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