I have to say, marriage is fabulously annoying. I love my hubby, but living with a man is CRAZY.. I wouldn’t replace with a woman…annoying! Way annoying! So, lovin my man, despite the craziness! Perfect hubby for me.Lucky to have a best man friend forever. We get each other…you have to in order to survive the craziness. Pretty sure he’s the one man who can keep up with my passionate nature.. and he’s just as passionate. We can get into a heated dispute then fall asleep and wake up laughing, saying what was that about, who cares! Were laid back hotheads. lol. Thank God we found each other because both of us are capable of being really harsh, yet we don’t take each other to serious. We crack ourselves up 24-7, unless were in a heated dispute, which is daily. Im just grateful to experience the craziness with him..Were totally opposite, but very much the same. This makes life interesting, and just comfortable enough. He is my rock and soft place. So lucky he chose me! me & D“Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in a wife” Schubert..


2 thoughts on “marriage

  1. Like any other relationship worth having, it takes a lot of work and patience. I’m with you, wouldn’t replace with a woman for sure….there’s only room for one of those in this house! I’m blessed to have the man who compliments me so…….he helps to keep me grounded, even when I’m ready to spring my wings and fly!

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