Recently, I’ve witnessed through a few friends the loss of a woman in the family: grandma’s, moms, sisters. I think of the loss of my grandma, the family matriarch. It’s been years now, but our family was changed forever. Her memory lives on soo strong. I can feel her hugs & I always thought as a child that they were to long, but now I’d give anything to feel that genuine love…a wise deep love beyond my understanding. Her legacy is deeply rooted in the depths of my soul. I wonder if only the wisest woman understands how to leave that imprint. She got it.. She knew love, she understood connection. She held her family maternally, like only a wise spiritual woman knows how to do. I honor her life and her passing and all she left behind as a beautiful example of pure love. Thank you Fern Anderson! You were a good and faithful servant to God and your family.

Death of A Matriarch
by Tegram
When the matriarch of a family dies,
It is a difficult feeling to describe,
The death heralds the end of an era,
The gradual disappearance of a Legacy,
Every family member becomes paralyzed
by the vacancy,
The Leader and Director of the familys’
hopes and dreams has gone to rest,
Declaring, “It is time for everyone to live
up to their personal best,”
A reliable figure of normalcy and tradition
has exited gracefully,
Leaving behind the formula to living
life decently…..

gramgram & grandpa holding newborn Luke.


matriarchs, women & girls

2 thoughts on “matriarchs, women & girls

  1. My grandmother, who thankfully is still living, was the model of unconditional love. She is not my biological grandmother (My biological died when my dad was 13), but you would never know it. She opened her heart to everyone in the family, and treated us all like we were her own. She also has no fear about speaking up when she see’s we’re doing something wrong. I love that woman with every inch of my being, because I know the hard journey she’s had, and yet, she plugs on, always smiling, always loving!

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