Babies..always to me!

Can’t quiet the mind, and my babies are on my mind. Blogging is a weird sort of diary, just ignore me! Contemplating my oldest baby, Oh my goodness. He is the ultimate boy scout. This boy is amazing! So sensitive to the feeling of a fault. I use to think I was a good Mom… No!.. he was just born a good easy kid. Thank God because I had him when I was 22 unmarried and a mess. He just wants to do the right thing. He looks to help everyone. That’s his m.o. He is also a love bug. Looking for cuddles in quiet discreet moments when others are out of the way. Never looks for the spotlight…ever! Baffles me! He is an inquisitive & amazingly bright boy. I never understood when he was 5 years old, and would be immersed in a 2 hour program on the discovery channel. Clearly these genes come from hubby’s side. This boy has my back though & yours. If there’s a hardship or problem, he is completely empathetic and there to help. He takes pride in this. I love that!

Oh my goodness, my girl. The sunshine in human form. Always looking to entertain. She loves people. She is more similar to me than anyone. I see me as a girl through her.. She adores her daddy, just like me! Its ingrained intuitively…she adores him. She loves animals & naively trusts that everything is good because she is good. She’s dramatic and quirky. She’s a natural actress, but she’s not bold enough to see it. She’s a humble LION.

My Jacky, obviously my baby. The emotional, manipulator. Growing up faster because he has older siblings. I wonder what he would be without their influence. But his siblings are his mentors…Luke & Syd have molded him as much as Dave & I, or more. This boy cries at the drop of a hat. SOO emotional, yet so sweet & bitter…  bitter sweet! He loves intensely! and expresses his grievances intensely! Mood swings! He is a complete mama’s boy. I worry about that as much as I enjoy it. He’s also brilliant & intense and wonderful.. Warmest hugs, and the sweetest puppy dog eyes that I’ve ever seen.

Our children are the ultimate blessing! Could not imagine life without these amazing little people!


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