white men.. superiority idiots & Native Americans

Today the family spent a fabulous afternoon at the bookstore. I always go to Self Help, Psychology, Religion & New Age. Dave heads straight to History & always comes home with something that blows all my topics away, summing it up concisely! Tonight he bought Indian Spirits..beautiful book I never would have found & he read this to me..blowing my mind!

Their (white man’s) wise ones said we might have their religion, but when we tried to understand it we found that there were too many kinds of religion among white men for us to understand, and that scarcely any two white men agreed which was the right one to learn. This bothered us a good deal until we saw that the white man did not take his religion any more seriously than he did his laws, and that he kept both of them just behind him, like helpers, to use when they might do him good in dealings with strangers. These were not our ways. We kept the laws we made and lived our religion. We have never been able to understand the white man, who fools nobody but himself.

Plenty Coups

The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the dust and blood of our ancestors. Plenty Coups, Absaroke

POIGNANT! That’s all! I’ve got nothing.


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