Im going to make the worst Christmas ever..and reset this wasteful way of life!

Today the kids are home for a teacher workday. We have pretty much wandered through the day aimlessly. To much Minecraft!.. Jack just came to me beaming with excitement and said, “The new Minecraft update is epic. Now I can get two cows to fall in love and breed another little baby cow. Just find one cow, 2 pieces of wheat, and click on another cow. Hold down on both cows and then hearts come out and they’re in love and have a baby cow. It’s marriage.”   Ha, that simple. I’m wondering how the wheat contributed to this amazing event??

Minecraft, Jesse episodes, the Kindles in general- have changed our home. I’m to blame because they’re convenient babysitters, but they’re just out of hand. I reluctantly agreed to get them each a Kindle over the past year for Christmas and birthdays. I’ve created a monster. All the kids put $250 Ipods on their Christmas lists. Luke wants a laptop. What for? A more intense and new Minecraft experience, more music and all those wonderful mind numbing apps. Jack lost his DS in Williamsburg last year. Sydney spent $150 dollars of her own saved $, on whatever IPod costs $150 when we went to Michigan this summer..& she lost it!!! They don’t care. They think everything is replaceable, heck maybe they can score something even better.

I’m determined to shock them this year at Christmas with a lot less in general and no electronic anything. It’s going to be the worse Christmas ever for them. I can’t wait! I fully expect them to open their gifts and say, is this all? ..completely ungrateful. They will ask why Santa has less toys to give? I’ve already told them that Santa has been experiencing the effects of a bad economy too. I also told them that the elves have Minecraft on their Kindles and Santa can’t get them to do anything.

Sydney is the only one who has mentioned doing anything for anyone else this holiday season, &and that’s only because she wants to go shopping. Frankly, I’m not that interested in giving this year either. Everywhere I look I see excess. We’ve never really been good at this living simply thing anyway, so I can’t say we need to get back to old times. Every day we complain about the house being a mess…It took 4 hours to clean Sydney’s little room the other day. What a waste! It’s just all too much. I would be crazy to acknowledge that we go through this every day, and then turn around and add an abundance to their existing hoard.

We have to get this overwhelming home under control. I don’t need perfect, but better is necessary. We’ve all become lazy. Like today, wandering around this overwhelming “home” unable to start anything…It’s just overwhelming. When I peel the kids off their devices they complain there’s nothing to do and get all high maintenance. Seriously kids, look around…what is all this stuff then if there’s nothing to do?

There’s my answer! We’ve handed our lives over to this stuff. I see our creativity being squelched. Our enthusiasm, exhausted. They hardly play nicely when they’re not interacting electronically. They’re losing that sense of wonder that’s innocently excited about life. They never use to have trouble entertaining themselves, without devices. They’re wonder and curiosity is being crowded out by constant outer stimulation.

This is my responsibility in it. We’ve developed these habits that have stopped us from playing together, working together and connecting. We are losing those moments, those teaching opportunities that come with connection. And then obviously everyone starts to behave badly. Myself included, because they’re just harder to deal with in this state & I check out!  She’s done!

2014 is going to bring change and mostly I am going to be stepping up & changing my expectations! We’re pruning our life this winter and getting rid of this tired old way.They generally follow whatever Dave and I teach.

We are going to talk nicer. We are going to connect, by disconnecting. We are going to get rid of stuff. We are going to work on our house together. We are going to be a Team, and there’s no “I” in team.. <- cheesy! 😉  We are going to get the creative, life loving spark back. I'm going to get back to taking my kids on dates individually. We're going to talk more. We're going to read more..I want to read the Bible with them again, and pray, reflect & question life more with them . We are going to push reset and get a lot happier by delaying immediate gratification. I am 100% determined! Now, I guess I need to tell Dave what we're doing. 😉 I have no doubt he's going to be up to it though.


At first you may not understand why I attach this video link below. It’s one of my all time favorites inspirations. Its so simply, inspiring. It sums up where I want my consciousness to go…one day before I die!..and what I want for my beloved people too. All of you!


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