A Letter to my kids regarding the season

This holiday season has been overwhelming and crowded. Despite trying to keep it decluttered, the meaning escapes us. Perhaps, trying  hard, is yet another block.. Hopefully we’re getting better, but just need more practice. 

I’m desperately wanting to get some message to my kids, but I’m still learning myself, so I decided to take to writing them a Christmas letter. One day, hopefully, they will at least look back and see what I wanted so badly to express to them, whether it sounds wise and mature or not. Maybe they will see my heartfelt intentions, because my impulse is strong and I feel responsible for at least trying.

Dear Luke, Sydney and Jack (my perfect gifts from God),
Merry, Merry Christmas! You are each a perfect gift to me and Daddy. Sometimes I  get distracted and I forget to show you. I’m sorry, I too am learning and growing. We all have to be patient. You may have noticed that you got less gifts this year. Don’t worry, I tried really hard to make sure I didn’t repeat past years and buy too much stuff. I didn’t do this because you were on the naughty list. I decided that you deserved more. You deserve more than plastic and electronics. You deserve love, tons of love.. and you deserve parents who can control themselves enough to show you what is really important in life. I wanted to return this favor to you, because you remind me daily what is important in life.

When you were born you came to this Earth with nothing and you were God’s perfect creation. We tried to figure out how to take care of you the best we could and we made a lot of mistakes, but you always trusted us. Thank you for being patient. You let us know, as babies, when you needed something; food, diaper change, cuddles or just someone to play. That’s pretty much all you wanted. You were really simple and so perfect. We lived in slow motion then, and it was good!

Time got away from us and we forgot some of these things. We need to get back to these simple times, except the diapers. wink. We need to be little and simple. We need to want less and be happy with what we have. We got sidetracked with the world; the material needs & schedules..the to do list. The world can spoil us. I think we have everything we need here…free!..like when we were babies.

So, when you’re let down receiving less “stuff” this Christmas..remember we have each other. We have bigger, better stuff. We have stuff that lasts into eternity.. the love of a family, memories, history, friends.We are the luckiest people in the world because we have this! Not everyone gets these gifts. I love our story and I love that you are my precious gifts forever. I didn’t do anything to deserve you’re beautiful faces. I just got so lucky.  Our life together is so much more than anything on a Christmas list. We are a family filled with love! What more do we need? We have it all!

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” – Thornton Wilder




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