See ya 2013

ImageI’m really excited to say goodbye to 2013. This past week I started to write 3 blogs that all bored the hell out of me so I deleted them. I’m bored with this year and ready for the new year to present a chance for new beginnings.

Recently, I’ve been reading about life running on 7 and 12 year cycles. I’ve read about 12 year cycles coinciding with astrological time lines, (which is eerily true for me) but far to in depth to write about here. I also read about 7 year cycles, starting at birth. I attached an interesting article below so you can look where you are on your supposed cycle. Cool article!

The premise is- over a period of 7 years, every cell in your body is replaced at least once. So at least every 7 years you are a different person on a cellular level. The article goes on to describe life themes; emotional, spiritual, intellectual etc. that are typical for age groups, broken down into 7 year periods.

I have been feeling like I was at a place of endings and beginnings and this article really put that feeling into words for me. So, I am wrapping up the 28-35 cycle. This age group takes stock of themselves and figures out what they actually like..etc. I definitely think I’ve spent just about the past 7 years doing exactly this. Perhaps my feeling of impending new beginnings is real. I’m not done being 35 yet, but I feel something coming to a close. Lots of transitions, particularly in parenting and owning my personal life views. With parenting, I’m exiting the Mom of little kids phase. Life is speeding up again. Less waiting around for little kid stuff. I never was great at that anyhow..soo slow mo. In terms of owning personal life views, I’ve really come to accept that everything I do is my choice. I create my whole story. Neither my past or my current circumstances dictate my ability to choose for myself.

So, I started looking at the information on my next apparent 7 year cycle for some inspiration while I came up with my New Years Goals. 35-42 is supposedly marked with inner restlessness and an unfolding of self. I made my goals with this in mind. I’m going to put them down here for accountability.

1. I have to take steps to get my body strong and healthy.


-drink more water and less beer- sigh!

-Be more mindful with diet-sigh!

I’m going to quit referring to health stuff as a boring nuisance. My lack of health has caught up with me this year. My body is waging war with me, giving me all kinds of problems. It sucks, I’m relenting. 

2. I’m going to get back to taking classes. Not sure what yet, but my brain needs it. I miss studying and I enjoy having school in common with the kids.

3. Spend lots of 1 on 1 time with the kids. Holy Crap, Luke is leaving here in about 6 years. We’ve got a lot to talk about and learn before they fly the coop & Dave says they have to go… lol

4. I want to continue embracing creativity. Creativity, Art, Music…We didn’t do this stuff when I was a kid. That’s fine, but I’m loving these beautiful things these days. More Beauty and Art.

5. Take the time to read about and enjoy the subjects I love. Psychology, spirituality, relationships, learning about people, oh and anything funny that makes me laugh. I know that last one is out of place in the list, but I love humor.  I’m going to make more time for these things I enjoy.

6. Finally, I’m pruning! I’m being more intentional. I am spending my time and energy on the people and things I enjoy. I’m getting selfish. If it doesn’t enhance, it’s getting cut. I think I’m actually done with the lingering compliant big sisterly role.

So, If you would like, read the article on life cycles below and share what you relate with about change, resolutions or whatever. I love hearing!


3 thoughts on “See ya 2013

  1. A very interesting article indeed, and I would say, pretty spot on. I’m almost 44, and I am right in the midst of that phase. 35-42 was an amazing period of growth and learning. I did learn that my personality is drawn to serve, and giving to others is what makes me happy. Before 35, I was definitely focused on me. And I wasn’t so happy. Self-centeredness leads to emptiness. I no longer feel I need to be friends with everyone, nor do I need to be caretaker, to anyone but my children. It was a very liberating period. 42-49 has definitely brought out more of my creativeness, and I know this is just the beginning….I can feel the bud growing, waiting to bust out and blossom. I do not, however, feel the “sense of urgency” to show who I am. What you see is what you get, and if you’re interested, you’ll explore. If not, step on. My biggest investment is my family. Coming from old, destructive ways, I am determined that my children will be the beginning of a more loving family cycle. I will say though, I can very much relate to the dream, and my biggest fear is the decline in my physical abilities. This, will by cross to bear in the coming years.

  2. I relate to the sense of urgency. Nervous, restless undertones. I am very happy & grateful for my friends & family. Lots of peace there. But this restless urgency has to go. Bette, keep watering you’re creativity flowers. Good stuff there. 😉

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