Happy, Happy New Year! Happy or sad- We’re on the same path! xoxo

New Years Resolutions are exciting. Its a reset. A fresh start. We set goals we may have thought of for years- or even our whole adult life. I posted my resolutions publicly, because why not? I think we all have dreaming and hoping in common. So, why not be vulnerable and share them. God knows we can all be better. We all wish for more. That’s good, isn’t it?

Tonight, I see some people posting on FB about 2013 being the best year ever & others have shared publicly and privately that it frankly sucked, or it was stressful. I love the honesty. We’re all on the same path, we just have different routes. We have our own personal stories. 

So make your resolutions, AGAIN! I normally make them a month into the New Year, because procrastination is an issue. Regardless, we all have obstacles to conquer, this year or next, whenever! I hope from the bottom of my heart that you have abundant happiness this New Year. It’s going to be the best year yet. So, Love your people and your life and be grateful. Life is full of amazing beauty. If you are struggling, hang on! If you are happy, appreciate it! This is all a glorious journey. We are all blessed, whether we’re enjoying peaks or enduring valleys. I’m so glad to be here, living this life with all of you. Happy New Year Friends!

Joy, Peace, Happiness! Get some for you and yours!


4 thoughts on “Happy, Happy New Year! Happy or sad- We’re on the same path! xoxo

  1. Yippee. Everything is always better when you’re around. I’m thinking of doing blogs on my favorite people, my friends, family, etc. Just talking about who they are in my eyes. Can I do you first Mrs. Homan? 🙂

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