Meet the lovely Sarah Homan.. a few reflections from our journey. :)

This is my blog, so I can write what I want without it littering a FB timeline. I want to crown a fabulous friend with a “you’re a perfect friend crown” so I will!
sarah wordpressSo I asked my friend Sarah if I could talk about our special friendship on my blog because I think she is fabulousness. So I met Sarah about 5 years ago because our boys played baseball together. We quickly hit it off because we had a lot in common, yet we have plenty of differences to keep things interesting. I immediately felt bad for her because she’s from Ohio, the worst state in America. We hung out a couple times, kids in tow, and it was fun…. Until she started stalking me. It was very overwhelming. She did things like call me on the phone regularly, which is time consuming. And eventually she even started to show up at my house unannounced. When people show up unannounced I feel the need to hide in the basement, rather than open the door. It’s very scary for me. It was imprinted in my social values from a young age that you don’t bother people. One night my family was all sitting in my messy house and her whole family (Hubby, 2 beautiful little daughters & cutey son) was knocking on my front door. UNANNOUNCED! It was a Homan Christmas Flashmob. Singing carols out loud, Homemade Cocoa mix, and cookies. For me – Anxiety..cocoa
Eventually, after enduring all this invasiveness, I got to thinking. At this point I didn’t really have any other people who liked me enough to seek me out like that. In fact I was knee deep in Mom of little kids phase. So, I kinda went with it. She taught me to relax a lot in this way. This was the first lesson I learned from her. Friends spend time with one another & I actually hadn’t done that for years. Very isolated. She’s really the ultimate girlfriend. She will drop everything in an instant for her friends, unless there’s dirty dishes in her sink. Then she’ll have to take care of that really quick.
That brings me to when our relationship began evolving past me just being nervous about her popping up out of nowhere. She forced me to start saying, Screw it, my house is never going to be perfect and sometimes I don’t shower until noon. Take it or leave it! Just a tad more vulnerable than I was use to. This was hard because her house is always perfect & apparently she has the kind of hair that looks great when she washes it twice a week. It’s true! & my hair must be washed once a day- or Eww! Raw deal! I wondered how she could talk on the phone so much and still qualify for Homemaker of the Year. When I talk on the phone, I sit still and listen to your words intently, taking in every detail. I like that, but it can be hard work for an introvert on a daily basis. Finally after quite some time, I realized she doesn’t sit still while on the phone or while having a coffee date. Sarah’s shoulder is an actual hand, a phone hand. She performs all her domestic duties, phone in shoulder efficiently. Hence, Lesson 2 from friendship- I don’t have to sit still and expect an intense deep conversation, at least with Sarah. I can & should; wash the dishes, sweep, fold laundry all while enjoying girl time. Amazing! That made girl time a lot lighter.
Here’s another difference between me & Sarah, She’s Crafty! She’s a Pinterest girl- the kind that can make Burlap and a mason jar beautiful! I, on the other hand, typically look up jokes or inspirational quotes on Pinterest! Sarah throws the decked out, organized, themed birthday parties for her kids that look wonderful and cost $30 total. 🙂 I tend to plan parties the day before they happen and spend the day cleaning to make the homefront acceptable. She has everyone’s Christmas gift complete at the beginning of December. I’m still not done, and its January 2…I will just wait until next year.
I feel like I just made Sarah look like Martha Stewart. I’m not really a fan of Martha. To Perfect & a bit boring, on camera at least. Once I started getting over the competitive girl stuff that we do. The sizing up, comparing, feeling like shit! I found a Forever Friend! See, she’s not just a Missy Perfect! First off, She’s hilarious! Our humor mixed together is the perfect recipe for the kind of laughing that makes your abdomen hurt. And our jokes are not clean. We are terrible when we get together. We could rival a sailor or a filthy trucker, whatever. IDK- We’re just obnoxious! She’s the first girl to hear my unclean jokes, and one up me without missing a beat! She’s one of my only friends who would rather hang with the guys, because it’s typically funnier!
We grew to have so much respect for our differences and enjoy thoroughly our similarities.
Now, Sarah and her family are in London for 3 years. 5 hour time difference is inconvenient, but we Skype a lot. We laugh, we have serious conversations, and we can’t wait to be in the same room again. So Sarah here are the endearing words I would use to sum you up -Yes crafty, homemeaker, communicator, extrovert. But more important! Loyal, when you choose who you really care about, you’re loyal to the end! Positive, you make the best of every situation and you embrace everything with a positive twist when you care. Beautiful, you appreciate beauty and embrace it and you’re gorgeous. Homemaker, Youre family has a dedicated matriarch that will do anything for her them. You love you’re family perfectly. Realist, you tell it how it is, especially when you’re comfortable with the people you are with. Generous & expressive, you shower your friends with love and caring. Chivalry, You love and appreciate your husband. You appreciate kindness. Interesting, You’re not boring! You know what I am saying. Homemaker- You rock it! Friend, you love friendship and that is awesome for your friends. Passion, You do everything with heart & soul! Missed, I miss you! & you are perhaps one of the few people who would be fine with me doing this on my blog. Thanks!
Love you girl & we miss you and your family everyday. & I love being able to feel confident in you feeling the same. Big Hugs!


4 thoughts on “Meet the lovely Sarah Homan.. a few reflections from our journey. :)

  1. You nailed it right on! Friends like Sarah are a rarity, and I count my blessings every day! I think it’s great, that you came out of your shell, and shared it all here 🙂

  2. WOW. I truly am honored. You are so sweet and kind to me, although I will never live up to Martha Stewart, thanks:) Our friendship has grown so many ways, and I am so glad that God gave you to me on that baseball field. You have saved me so many times from going crazy, and making me feel like a normal women, mother and wife! I admire YOU for your integrity, your filthy dirty mind that i love so much, you conversations that lead to so many wonderful topics! You enjoy life and have taught me to let things go, and how to grow into the kind of women I want to be. You love nature and I envy your green thumb. I know even more now what your friendship means to me, and being so far makes me sad, but I know when we get home, because it is home, you will be there and our friendship will rock even more! Love and miss you guys everyday. XOXO

    PS sorry for stalking you its just what i do to people i love. ❤

  3. Laughing to myself. Thinking of the time you called me over to help you kill a spider in your garage. Really, who does that! But that spider was huge. I love the memory of me throwing the object out of the garage that it was relaxing on & you wielding a large shovel in your driveway taking its life.. Sooo funny!

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