I decided to pull the plug on FB for now. It’s amazing how freeing it is to unplug. I realize how consuming it can be. For me it’s a constant background noise, always nagging to be checked on. It isn’t necessary to know what’s going on with “everyone” every day. Honestly, I’m guessing there’s about 10-20 actual friends on most people’s friend list. Mine, at least. That leaves 200+ people being a time suck… Not saying I don’t like them, but its a bit much. Deactivating my account has been lovely. I have so much extra time!

But honestly, the best part of disconnecting is connecting with what counts. Snuggling up with the kids to watch a movie, instead of numbing. Doing homework slowly and not in a rushed, just get it done way. Dancing with dear hubby! Love that! Talking with people who actually want to talk..not FB trolling zombies, like me. 😉
It does feel a bit lonely being disconnected from the masses, but it is so worth it! I’ve just started, but I want to try for 40 days. I wonder how much will open & blossom without this mindless numbing crutch? Feeling positive! 



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