Lovely! I wrote a blog & it vanished. I have plenty of time to replace those spontaneous fleeting thoughts. I will try…
Reflecting on the fact that when you have a family or a crazy life you’re often feeling like you’re treading water. Gratitude keeps me afloat.
Today…It’s so stinkin cold, but we have a roof over our head & walls to protect us from the frigid outdoors.
We’ve been plagued with sickness but it’s sickness that passes. Grateful for healthy kids that don’t suffer for more than a couple!
I checked the oil today & we need a refill. We just spent $1600 a month ago, but grateful we are making ends meet, and we are relatively warm.
The kids are fighting, whining, high maintenance,demanding & lazy, but they are the best gift a Mom could ask for. I adore them to pieces.
The kitchen sink & laundry are overflowing. Actually, the whole house needs special attention, which means we have what we need!
Dave is gone again tonight, working. So grateful he has an important job, helping those less fortunate. His work keeps us grounded.
A night of school work means my children are getting an education. & I happen to love the devoted school staff.
Outside, it’s cold, frigid & messy. I dream of summer. Flowers, gardens, yard play, no school, humidity, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, summer vacation…& wanting the kiddies to get back to school. Gotta love this glorious life because we all have what we need. Thank you God for another day. I love love love this life.


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