I just love you Becky, thats all!


I have a friend, Becky. She’s my neighbor, my go to girl. I can call her and request a coffee date anytime. She’s my opposite in so many ways. She is blunt, I’m not. She is Aquarius & Im Leo..opposite signs- incase you didn’t know. She is a conspiracy theorist, Im naïve. She homeschools, I cant imagine! She gripes honestly & I smile a fake smile. This girlfriend keeps me straight.

Everyone needs a close pal who is their opposite. They help us grow. They push us out of our comfort zone and challenge us. I visit Becky daily. She’s my neighbor& my confidant. I pour so much honesty on her you would think she would suffocate. But she doesn’t because she takes everything with a grain of salt. When I feel all intense, she grounds me in her realism. She puts everything in a logical place, unlike me.

Becky Is particularly special to me. Being a neighbor..I automatically love her! But she is a special neighbor, delivering baked goods bi-weekly. Who gets that special service? Me! Yum! Her iced coffee cake is beyond YUM!

But more than that I love how she shares her honest perspective. She challenges my thought processes in new ways. For example..I go to her feeling bad about complaining about my hubby and her response is, Men are weird and crazy. validation!.I go to her complaining about my kids and she says they are fricken annoying. I go to her complaining about education and she says don’t let your kids be brainwashed! Everything I bring to her is immediately met with an opposite response. What is better that a friend that naturally challenges you by playing an innocent devil’s advocate. Who can help you to grow more than a friend who cares about you and doesn’t succumb to all of your opinions. This is why I adore Rebecca..She is there but challenges me daily. Thank you friend. What a gift. What better gift can a friend offer than being real. I love your realism. It blesses me and keeps me thinking daily. xo


One thought on “I just love you Becky, thats all!

  1. Awh I love you too! I consider you family not just a friend, I will always be here to tell you 1. You’re awesome and I love you or 2. You’re being a dumbass…because ya know, I like you and all :.) I love our open drama free, real friendship. Truly a blessing!

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