Crazy case of madness around here.

Lately everyone is crazy. Everyone I talk to is struggling with a case of the crazies. Ready to go off the deep end, crazy! Something in the water or up in the stars, I don’t know! Maybe the Winter has finally brought everyone to their knees begging for a break..a little glimmer of hopeful sunshine.

What I find interesting about all this craziness is how everyone is coping so differently. I have one friend who was recently driven to the brink of madness because everyone around her ” has their head up their ass” –Well no wonder they can’t see the reality she sees so clearly. 😉 When she gets crazy, she gets pissed! and every part of her being wants to see these ass heads pay. That’s just what she does..passionate, all consuming irritation at people who can’t clearly see what is so obvious… her! It use to frighten me, but I see the innocence in her convictions now. It’s not bad, it’s just 100% honest & sincere & not all of us are tough enough to go where she goes in the honest department.

Crazy friend number 2… This ultra laid back crazy sufferer is very patient, blindly oblivious and forgiving to many people & things that are clearly deserving of making an onlooker snap. He just hums along. But then he snaps at something totally unrelated to what should have made him snap. & when he snaps it’s a crazy earthquake. Everyone stands back… way back & respects the crazy. He’s typically so laid back that he deserves to go crazy. This is actually a funny crazy because it’s not possible to be serious when someone holds off their anger so long that they snap over a telemarketer calling. They were patient so long they needed to snap! & a telemarketer is an expected easy target for pent up rage..especially the computer voice.

Crazy suspect # 3…watch out she’s just going to tell you you’re a dumbass right away. No waiting or unnecessary brooding..just a large dose of therapeutic cussing..and then she’s done. Back to her cozy world in her head that you so rudely interrupted. I can deal with that. 

Crazy suspect 4 hides in her room when she’s crazy..plotting schemes of happiness. She’s the ultimate worrier…she sees nothing clearly. Someone could rob her home and she would worry about the state of their soul. She is totally unrealistic in her observations.. she sees everything through rose colored glasses..And she suffers because of her rose colored glasses. She can’t see past her glasses to reality.. It’s ok..I get her. She cares about peace & everyone wants peace. I just wish she didn’t pay all the bills for peace.

Crazy suspect 5 is a new crazy for me to observe. It’s rare to witness her crazy..she’s outwardly perfect. However, a private late night text chat gives her the comfort to expose her crazy, which is safely protected in a bullet proof vest. It has to be hard being nearly perfect to the outer world. This person has the rare gift of seeing flaws like a human microscope while hiding her flaws with classy precision. What a burden. Her crazy is expected to behave or else be medicated. But in her vulnerable moments she expresses how deeply sensitive she is and I see her struggle with her fault finding. The thing is, she’s not trying to offend with fault finding..she just notices everything! I clearly remember one of my first 5 interactions with this perfectly imperfect crazy being..She said, “Wow, I hardly recognize you..I’ve never seen you with your hair and make-up done.” Wow-Heartwarming, actually a tad bubble-bursting. It’s ok though, I get her now & my pride is in check. It’s not personal! She sees things realistically, and when she mentions her observations it’s merely an observation. HER crazy expresses itself as depression and feeling unloved, but that’s because people can’t hang with her analysis…they get offended. My 2 cents…she shouldn’t change her way of viewing life. It’s critical, yes. But it’s God given..only the strong and humble will benefit from such detached honesty. I appreciate her innocent honesty.

So I’ve analyzed 5 crazies and I’m crazy too. My crazy is neurotic. It’s unpredictable and passionate. Sometimes it is perfectly accepting of others, like tonight. Other times it detests the crazy in others, wanting to smoosh it. But there’s no sense in that. We all can benefit from having some crazies around..we learn from their different ways..when we get past ourselves.


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