NEW day times 100…for me


Today is a new day, a new month and even a New Moon. I am beyond excited about all this newness. I woke up this morning feeling brand new & wanting to share with everyone. The first person I shared my new outlook with was my husband. I literally bounced around the house saying, The time has come for NEW! (Odd, in hindsight) He kinda rolled his eyes and nodded his head, but only because he needed to be persuaded. I explained that this is just the day we have been waiting for.
I felt it when I woke up. The sun peaked into my room and said, Seize the fricken day and every day. Instead of covering my head and going back to sleep, I said, Yes!..Thank you God! I couldn’t afford to ignore this cosmic blessing. I have been waiting for this day for a year. I’ve been praying for it.
The past year has not been all bad. In fact it has been a very fun year. I’ve made lots of new friends & been in touch with old ones. I’ve socialized and drank lots of adult beverages with great people whom I love. (Way to many beverages)I’ve communicated like a crazy lady. This year was needed in my life timeline. I’m grateful for this year. However, the past year has left me with a communication hangover. I have to get something else done in life besides talking and having fun.
So, this morning I knew right away that the day had come. Whatever divine intervention I received was as clear as day to me, impossible to explain!..and likely confusing to my family.
It’s 2 months after New Years and I need to get to work on those promises I made myself when I was reflecting on my life last year. When I started the New Year I thought I was serious. Well, I was serious- but it wasn’t time. It just didn’t work. Trying to make changes was like pulling dead weight. Well, now the time has come. Something has shifted and I can progress. Finally! So often, its just a matter of waiting for the right time to do what you need to do and want to do. From now on when the time just isn’t right, I’m going to hold on to faith that my time is coming and enjoy the spaces in between without guilt and impatience. I promise myself today I will accept my circumstances with patience and joy. For now..Onward! & Im so lucky I have a husband who says, “Yes Dear, We can embrace the New Moon..whatever that means??”


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