“Praying for you”

no faking

How often do we say or hear, “I’m praying for you!” Unfortunately these words are often used to ignore people and not care, ironically. Rather than carrying the weight they should, they are often a quick plastic response. These words are commonly the most dishonest words out there. “I’m praying for you” is regularly a quick excuse or convenient answer for not really giving a crap, a quick alternative for connection. How disturbing! To protect our comfort in the promise of a prayer. Maybe we are actually protecting ourselves from caring. What a disgrace. I hear people throw words around; The good lord, holy spirit, praying, Eucharist, forgiveness, even sending good vibes. What does this mean? Does it mean anything? Are the same people who claim to be caring the ones who don’t care? The words are all perfectly orchestrated, but the actions don’t match. Please, don’t say you are praying for someone if you are not going to do it. Noone needs fake promises of prayers. If you are going to throw those sacred promises around, then for God’s sake do it! Keep the promise of your prayers.

Our Father


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