Kids, teach your parents well!

Tonight was a much needed break from the ordinary cold and dreary 2014 night. It was beautiful out. I let the kids play until dark because it was gorgeous. It’s so nice to let the kids escape their routine, as if it was Summer!  I’m so relieved. It’s funny how  the weather affects our life. I wish their lives were Summer all year. The boys & neighbor boys escaped into outdoor Legos, nerf battles and scooter riding on our small Rosemont hill. The hill seems huge to them now..for a few more years. Remember visiting the playgrounds you thought were huge. But as an adult they are unimpressive? The girls took to archeology, digging up a relatively small hole. They uncovered glass and pointy rocks and coal. They were in heaven discovering their territory. There’s so much to learn, experience and enjoy in your own neighborhood. They don’t really need camps and programs and common core to stimulate them.

We don’t need to come up with more money or scholastic opportunities….that’s our adult flawed preoccupation. I think back to childhood while looking at my kids. I remember building forts, playing sports, and having battles with neighbors. That’s where the memories and life lessons are. It’s the childhood settings and home experiences that stick.

I asked 6 y.o. Jack today if he was interested in Summer camps. I explained that he could pick sports, academics, art or music to name a few. He looked at me and said, “I just like normal camping. When you are with your family in the woods, sleeping in a tent by a river. Children have the idea. Enjoy what’s important! Quit supplementing with distractions. Family, outdoors, indoors, friends, adventure and life in general. I believe that our kids teach us what we should value. If only we would clear the schedule enough to really Listen & Learn & Respond!


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