Where are we heading parents?

Do you know what amuses me? The modern quest for happiness. We all say we just want to be happy. We want more joy. We want our kids to be happy. That’s the end all be all…a seemingly honorable goal. But really, we just don’t have a clue. My experience is that most adults are just big clueless children often lacking wisdom & answers. We have no clue what perfect happiness is. We try to put on an honest act because it’s embarrassing & shameful to be less than happy, imperfect & lacking answers. As parents we should have the answers. Right? So…we act like we understand happiness in hopes of passing a happy life on to our children. We numb ourselves with all sorts of cheap escapes to at least maintain a halfhearted smile and patience. But, that’s not really an honorable example. So many of us are missing the point in the legacy we are passing to our children. We hustle our kids around to a multitude of activities. We try to provide them with “their hearts desires”. We assure them if they can make the grade at school, everything will be good for them. But what are we really setting them up for? Are our priorities for them wise or are we just robotically carrying out a set of ideals straight out of Parenting magazine? I just don’t think this cultural paradigm of happiness is wholesome or lasting. The modern family life and happiness philosophies we currently cling to are not proving successful. Divorce is rampant. High school grads. are leaving their families and wanting to blaze a trail that keeps them away from their roots forever. Other grads. can’t navigate life. They return home until they’re 40. Some kids are so entitled they just work the system thinking they deserve happiness on a platter. I think we need to take a look at the lessons we are teaching our kids. We all love our children without a doubt. As my Dad use to say, sometimes love has to be tough in order to matter. It’s true! We need to tell our kids that an honorable life is hard and we need to be a resilient example. We need to say No to them. We need to make them do work, hard work. Because it will be expected soon. We need to quit showering them with distractions. ie..activities, lessons, events. But most of all we need to be examples of happy, honest, connected, brave people who they can count on and look up to. It seems impossible. It makes me think of my grandparents..old school. So long ago..where are we headed? We have lost something timeless and wise. I’m going to say it, we are failing our children & ourselves. I don’t need encouragement or feel betters. I know what I see. Godspeed fellow like-minded people..teach your children well!


3 thoughts on “Where are we heading parents?

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  2. Spot on! In fact, my belief is that 100% happiness is never achieved. One can strive for it, but the fact is, life without adversity and some sort of struggle, is boring, and lacks the opportunity to gain wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience. That cannot be passed down, only worked towards. Our kids definitely need to work and to feel what it is like to be without. A tough lesson for them to learn, when so many of their parents feel entitled, and take what they feel should be theirs.

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