Would you be proud & courageous?

If you were to die tomorrow would you be proud of your life? Would you feel at peace with your decisions? Would you be proud of your choices in life? Would you own your choices, proudly? Do you think you honestly “put it all out there” in your one simple existence? Do you live life to the fullest? WE have one chance! Do you laugh, love and achieve your greatest hopes & aspirations? Life is fleeting!! We have this one chance to experience life to the fullest. It’s here and then it is gone. Don’t waste it! Don’t even think about the judgmental opinions of others. We only answer to God and ourselves. Pursue your best life! Life is beautiful and precious. We could be gone tomorrow or today! Embrace every minute of this personal gift to you.. It’s all we have! It’s perfect freedom. Own your freedom! Embrace your freedom to create your perfect life. It’s up to you! Peace Out!


One thought on “Would you be proud & courageous?

  1. I think that I’d be more than satisfied with my family component, but feeling like I could have done so much better/accomplished more in the other areas of my life (spirituality, work, schooling, hobbies/interests, etc.)…

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