Thinking about chemistry. Thinking about when you just know in an instant that someone is meant to be a part of your story whether you like it or not. People come into our lives in funny ways. It’s simple, you make eye contact or you talk, but a connection is made and it sticks with you. I really think we know in the first moments of meeting if we are meant to learn from one another or carry on. It doesn’t make sense, but some people are here for YOU to learn from and they learn from you. Spouses, kids, friends and acquaintances.  I don’t believe anything is just chance…every detail is meant to be. There’s a divine orchestration in every meeting. I recall people I interacted with 20 years ago and I still remember them like it was yesterday. They may be “gone” now but every significant person in our life is still there in our psyche. Every connection we make forms us. Nothing is an accident. This is why we should pay attention in the little moments. Every interaction is a potential opportunity for understanding our lives & the lives of others at a deeper level. Don’t take those small intuitive moments for granted. They have meaning! Life is all about connections and relationships. Relationships are the only real thing that have the potential to change our lives.!


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