Life is forcing itself on me


Recently life has been teaching me the lesson, just let it go!….even if I don’t want to. I think the deletion of my Facebook account has officially run its 14 day reconsider phase. Deciding to permanently remove myself from Facebook was not my initial intention. I would occasionally deactivate it for a break, but I would get back on within a week clamoring for an easy connection. Then one day I was struck with insight. I realized that I had turned this distracting entertainment into a compulsive and very important part of life. Anyhow, after 2 weeks, I barely think about it until someone reminds me of my absence… I cringe at the thought of rejoining. Perhaps, one day…minus at least 200 “friends”. 

Another stupid seemingly important loss…my dishwasher! Omgoodness! I thought I was going to die. We’re doing a long term simple kitchen remodel. It makes no sense to replace the dishwasher until other things are completed. Again, I thought I was going to die of pruny hand syndrome. Certainly, it can’t be good to stand at the sink looking into a beautiful back yard while mindlessly washing dishes. Actually, after 2 months of feeling sorry for myself washing dishes for a family of 5, I actually enjoy this time. No one intrudes on dishwashing. It’s not a stimulating activity, unless you’ve been doing it for a while. Then it’s peaceful. 

These examples along with a few more circumstances of “loss”…I won’t bore you!…washing dishes is probably like watching paint dry if you have a dishwasher. Here, life is teaching me a lesson.  Half the crap I care about doesn’t matter after a period of disconnection. We are where we are because we need the lessons of now in our lives. Sometimes we need to step out and connect & other times we need to withdraw & retreat to our personal base self. Sometimes we need to move quickly and just survive with the pace of life.  Then other times, life forces us to stand at the kitchen window, washing dishes, so we can contemplate our life, quietly. Hmm! Alone in peace, I ponder words, writing, music, spirituality, wisdom, gardening. Alone, without influences, the sky is the limit in my solitude. 


3 thoughts on “Life is forcing itself on me

  1. I agree and understand with exception of the ‘dishwasher’…I find no peace surrounding my efforts there except for the clean sink and hidden dirty dishes when I’m done in 5 minutes! I love that we decide unanimously (between the two of us) that the social life available to us through our multimillion dollar business, church and other friendly wannabes was just not for us! We love that we instead chose a hot tub, a screen house, a fire pit and the little dog we call ‘our 7th child’ for our sole entertainment…much happier and stress free life with the simpler things of life at hand…and SO many worldly issues solved with the chitchat.

    However, regarding the Facebook thing…I also love that I can keep in touch with childhood friends and relatives living in Japan, Italy and other states with just one touch of a button that I otherwise wouldn’t even know if they were alive. My life is busy so that I have limited time and look forward to popping in/out to catch up with someones new grad baby, hearing about a cancer-stricken sister/brother, comfort over the loss of someone special so I can follow up with a personal card, missionary friend in Japan, etc. Do people lie on Facebook…oh heavens yes! Do I care…initially for sure! But, at the end of the day is this my problem…clearly not! Facebook is for ME, my wants, my needs and keeping in touch with those that I deem worthy of my enjoyment. That is my only job on Facebook; hence, with one touch here comes the block, limit and/or gone choice.

    • I don’t condemn you for using FB as a tool. I will get back on at some point too. Right now, with all of the things I’m thinking about, I’m enjoying the space and freedom from social influences. Regrouping. Everyone I love is still there.

  2. Great, insightful post… I as well have come to understand, and feel similar about the peaceful solitude of washing dishes… Contrary to your opinion, I don’t mind washing them, and yes you wash them more than I do…

    Well, at least now I know that your complaints about doing the dishes are only half-hearted 😉

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