Am I alone here? I get these moments or periods of time with people when I can no longer see anything good about them. I don’t know where it comes from, but everything….!….the way they talk, their responses, their movements, even how they chew their food is so fricken annoying. It’s like an eclipse of a person. They were fine, they were wonderful.. but then suddenly every good quality about said person is nonexistent.

I hate when I put on my shit colored glasses. It solves nothing. But…its seemingly inescapable, a slow personal torcher, until it finally passes. Then when it does pass, I feel like poo for being so judgemental. I wonder what, or if I was thinking.. Emotions are foolish! I’m sorry for focusing on how you chew your food, it won’t matter tomorrow. 


3 thoughts on “eclipse

  1. Not alone. Of course, coming from me you know that! For me, I have to examine if I’m disappointed in ‘my’ expectations of said person or if they are really that annoying to me from start to finish and they were fooling me with their actions or was I being lame in following the crowd; which ticks me off even more! When I look at the larger picture, in all situations of that slow burn of disgust, I have found I have found the person to be fake, insincere, out right liars in other areas of their life that has affected me personally. That epiphany with any given person is an automatic ‘done’ and walk away for me…and of course, in my Scorpe nature, don’t look back. Mostly if have found I walk away not only because they disgust me but I have an inability to accept that I was naive and fooled by them…worse yet for my personality is that they are typically lying to others on a regular basis and walking away innocent. To quote Maya Angelou “when a person shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Which in a sense saves me from being aggravated for extended periods of time….life’s to short to stew over someone else’s irritating actions, especially if you can quietly get away from them.

  2. I have to continue this as my last post could seem harsh…I know, difficult to beleive coming from me. However, when I say walk away, I am thinking emotionally. Most of the time one can not just walk away physically nor should they; however, I have found that I can escape emotionally and seriously not care about the way they eat their food, move their hands, facial expressions, etc with the understanding that there will be someone in my life (possibly ever them) that feels the same about me. Years ago during PMS I found myself lashing out within and able to contain it there (fortunately) at one of my precious children, when at any other given time, I adored her. For what ever reason, her every action irritated me for about a week! Once I correlated the times, the solution was to discipline myself to wait out my situation until the emotions settled back in to normal.

    The last quote from Maya, I do beleive to be true in every personality and goes deeper than the silly idiocies of life that irritate us. Again, one can recognize the core of a person and choose to accept or not. In this manner, if it is possible to distance myself, I do. I have found these issues to be larger ones of the deadly sins nature and God himself would shelve the person.

    • After I wrote that post I thought, PMS! I get tired, cranky & irritable. Certain people have to endure these lows. I’m not perfect. I endure their lows too. Life isn’t always rainbows & unicorns. As far as other, more balanced times go…I can no longer endure fake, manipulative, arrogant traits. Especially if it’s used to try to control me. No space for that in life anymore.

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