History in an old home.

A lovely day. There’s something amazingly rejuvenating about working in the yard all day. Uncovering underground habitats that otherwise go unnoticed as you walk over them. Cursing at invasive weeds. I actually talk to these weeds, comparing them to selfish people, who make it all about themselves. They get their roots into other things business, like sidewalks & steps. Even inviting themselves to take over the plants I wanted. A few plants died because of these weedy invaders. Curse them! Still, despite the unwanted weeds, I created a new rock garden and uncovered a good portion of 2 existing beds.

We moved into this house almost 10 years ago. A widow lived here alone for a good 30 years and she wasn’t a gardener. Her husband, who died 30 years before her took great pride in his yard. He was the town pharmacist. When off work, I’m guessing he meticulously cared for his garden when he wasn’t enjoying his basement man cave. I absolutely love uncovering this stranger’s history in my home & yard. I’ve uncovered the rock outlines of his gardens. I’ve tried to reclaim much of his plans because they’re better than my ideas and there’s something fun about digging up an old neglected work of art left behind years ago.

We’ve lost a few trees. A dogwood and a lilac that won’t totally die..still throwing out a huge patch of shoots that won’t bloom. 

The old man cave is sadly storage now. His laminate bar is now the laundry room…much less fun. But his wife’s piano still sits in the man cave..quiet! Maybe one day it will sing again. I hope so!


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