Goodness, life can beat down hard. It can challenge us for long periods with difficult trials to endure, and it can pop up with surprise challenges out of a clear blue sky, when you least expect it. Either way we can’t always be on a mountain top. That’s for sure! Peaks & valleys are inevitable.
Our last freedom in any trial is choosing our state of mind. We can succumb to the overwhelming pressures or we can choose gratitude. Gratitude is sometimes tough when the victim role is waiting patiently for our weak moments. Nonetheless, gratitude gives freedom. When we answer the call of gratitude we are free. We are forced to see that we are here, at least for today. We are here to transcend our let downs and revel in the simple beauty of life. We are blessed despite our overwhelming circumstances. Look outside, its a perfect work of art for us to appreciate. The sky, the trees, the light shining just right. Look at our modern conveniences, electricity, plumbing, fresh water, transportation. But mostly, look at the people who choose to love you. Flaws and all. And the opportunity we have to reciprocate and share our deepest affections with them.
Life can serve up a tough dish. But always, we are free to look past to all we still have because if you’re still here you were given another day. Take it! Appreciate it! Honor it. It’s a gift for YOU!


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