How did I get here?

Life is funny..the way it takes you for a ride. As I age time eludes me. It’s amazing how life evolves and pieces are placed so strategically, seemingly without my effort. I ended up in the “South”..Virginia. Having grown up in Northern Michigan, which I proudly claim as my pride, joy & roots, I never would have expected to live here. However, I adore VA. Less winter, more green!  l just knew I wouldn’t  have kids until late twenties. Hmm. I have 3 and my first bundle arrived at 23. He changed everything. As a kid, I figured I would rent a tiny cottage for me alone. What? I own a home with MY husband and love nurturing my land and making my home. I envisioned a life filled with my interests. Me! Me! & Me! Life took the steering wheel & took me to my true north. I love this life that I didn’t plan. I wake up in the morning next to my best friend, little feet running around in the hallway and voices calling out, Mooooom! I couldn’t have dreamt up this miracle. I’m so grateful that there’s something beyond me orchestrating this existence. We belong where we are. The miracles, the depth, the extraordinary, the surprises are beyond our imagination. Love your miracle…it’s a personal gift to you alone. You’re right where you need to be. Love it! 


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