Taking a moment to reflect on a good chunk of time off Facebook. It was good, however it is impossible to have any idea what is going on with those near and far without this required network. The disconnect period was AMAZING. I completely forgot about phone died regularly. It was wonderful. I guess we go through times when we need to put things in perspective and go into solitude. I just went through that. Since I came out of this solitary freedom Ive had amazing connections with people. Its as if all the social anxiety and projection melted away. Suddenly, I was coming in contact with many others who seem to need the same disconnect but haven’t realized it. I have also spoken with a few who have never joined. My point is, face to face contact is amazing. I love that personal interaction. Although FB can certainly keep us in touch and in the loop, it could never replace the significance of a face to face exchange. You can blog your heart away to a million people that matter nothing or Status others to death with what your thinking, feeling or eating. These exchanges are a fool’s gold compared to being vulnerable and present to the one’s you love or the people you randomly have chances to exchange thoughts and ideas with in a face to face situation when you can look at them and feel their energy.


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