I’m 100% completely convinced that we reap what we sew. Karma is alive & well. We have all the power to create our destiny. We are 100% responsible for our lives & choices. Whatever we put out, we get back. It ALWAYS comes back! I’m sure of it. If you put out love & compassion it grows and expands in life. If you put out hatred & jealousy & selfishness it manifests in your life. Yuck! It follows and haunts you. Wanting nothing to do with that negativity.. I prefer to attract joy..So I put out joy….& gratitude & peace..hoping for truth and beauty for everyone. Peace to you & me & all.


Her soul needed a hug!

She always wears a smile..it keeps her safe from her truth.
Because who can hate a smile? It’s the perfect costume.
In her eyes there’s a deep pain sheltered in her soul. It’s so obvious. Her smile is just a shield. She believes it is protecting her… it feels better, safer than the truth. For now! For now it protects her heart from the harsh realities bubbling within. Those realities are to much.. Noone could possibly understand her mess. Slowly life nudges her, without her consent. Life slowly takes over and turns her smile to allow room for healing. It scares her. It’s too much. It’s painful. It’s ripping away at her safe attachments. It hurts! She’s emptied..completely emptied..alone with this vessel of a body. She has nowhere to turn. She’s alone with herself. Everyone around is silenced. Then slowly her emptiness creates room for light. Her darkness is penetrated and ever so slowly she allows the light more and more space. It’s no longer frightening. It’s warm and beautiful. She cries tears of regret for her soul that she hushed for so long. The warm embrace of this lost light is overcoming and she falls in love. It’s a perfect love that is truth, beyond her understanding. It’s all she ever wanted, but she fought it relentlessly. She’s in the embrace of pure love and its perfect. Nothing else matters! All is well with he Continue reading

When life gives you lemons..make lemonade.

lemonsLemonade.. not a big fan. Typically, lemonade is either to sweet or to bland…for me. I don’t like lemonade, especially from bad lemons. When life gives me lemons..I never want to make lemonade…I get mad. Then I laugh. Then I cry. Then I throw the lemons away. I really don’t like being told to make lemonade out of life’s lemons. If life is throwing lemons..something is wrong. Either something is wrong with self or some external negative influence is raining on your parade. Either way I’m not going to be busy making a drink. First, I’m going to look at myself and see if I am manifesting bad lemons. If its me then I need to get busy look at myself. However, I am learning to not just assume that it is all me. Our lives are constantly impacted by those around us. Not everyone is on the up and up honest path. We’re all here for different purposes and we all have responsibility for our lives but also how we impact one another and their paths. We are all connected and have responsibility for our actions and how we affect ourselves and others. Ultimately, it all comes down to us as individuals. We will all see ourselves and our actions clearly one day. I genuinely want to be one who has created more light than dark while here in this cruddy body on Earth. I don’t want to look back and review my life with sorrow. I want to be humble and as guiltless as possible when I meet my maker. I want be confident that I was a vessel of hope, love and happiness in this existence. Lemons..HA!! Not concerned to much about all the little stuff here. Im concerned more with the parts of me that will move on and reconnect with my God. But for now, I’m here…struggling to smile and be joyful looking at this life that is painful and beautiful and unknowing. I have faith! In More! Beyond this destination!