Finally, a breakthrough!

spiritual 2

“The only thing that is real never changes.” Bhagavad Ghita This had perplexed me for some time. I get it! Be in the now..escape the confines of your mind. This too, was out of reach because I have never escaped my mind…not for a minute. I also could not wrap my head around the idea that nothing in this moment is just the story created and made into form by the mind.
The only thing that is real never changes (BG) – Simplified, if you can’t take it with you when you die it is not eternal. What does that leave? Today I realized it is just your connection to the higher power. Connectedness, love, divinity, God, higher power.. whatever you call it. That’s all that is left. That is all we are here for is to live more fully in that light.. Any physical or emotional state is fleeting. Jobs, images, titles, belongings, power, poverty, sickness, health, feelings. It all goes when we go. It disappears as if it never was. Eventually it is just an illusion that slips away from our innermost being as we transcend this physical form. Think about it..really! We are here for a bit..Why? We are given this gift of life (oxymoron)..for what? We suffer. We rejoice. We feel. We’re numb. We cry. We laugh. And it all just slips away into nonexistence over time. So my revelation today is that all of that is just our physical form that changes constantly. What lasts? When is the last time you were in touch with only your eternal perfect self? When do you feel the silent stillness of your deepest being?..the essence of your soul and its connection to your Source. Those moments when nothing matters and your mind is quiet. You just feel that “All Knowing” peace that can permeate your being. When everything is just ok and its not up to you or your accomplishments or lack of to make sense of your existence. You just “are” and that is more than enough. Today I let go of fear and anger and disappointment and everything that limits me. I just “am” and that is plenty for what matters. Peace to your soul and Thank You to those who were set in my path to help me really get it.

All my Love,




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