Blogging, facebooking, twittering…etc.

Do you ever wonder why you blog? Or why you participate in any social interaction online? I’ve come to believe that we as a group crave more attention than what we have in front of us. Why is that not enough? I recently deleted my FB account….permanently. It’s strange to be so disconnected. I feel like a cast away at times. But, mostly it’s been good. I’ve recently had phone conversations and face to face experiences that I wouldn’t have had with the connected FB experience. The abundance of free time I have is amazing. I’m actually overwhelmed with the amount of free time I have. I wonder if we are numbing ourselves subconsciously. Perhaps we are seeking outwardly, what’s right in front of us…if we could just control ourselves enough to peel away from the screen & look. My experience of disconnecting has forced me to pay attention to those I care for because the distractions are gone. My question to you, what do you get from your connected online experience?


Day 5 of deleting my Facebook

Today is my 5th day off Facebook. Technically, my account won’t actually delete for two whole weeks. I suppose that is incase I want to reconsider disconnecting from 200 and some “friends”. ¬†Umm, After this week..Not a chance! It’s been amazing! I already admitted I was neurotic about Facebook. I’ve deactivated my account numerous times to take a break, but it was always there waiting…..and calling! Deciding to permanently delete it has put it out of my mind. Sure, I’ve gone on autopilot when I pick up my phone to load up Facebook, only to catch myself and realize it’s not there.

So anyway, about this week being amazing! Free time takes on a whole new meaning without the compulsive need to be connected. I had a day off work this week and I totally wasted it studying world religions online. I gained tons of knowledge. Buddhism was particularly appealing to me. As a Christian I was inspired by the simplicity of Buddhist monks, maybe this is because I have this overwhelming urge to simplify. Check out, Ask a monk, on YouTube… Enlightening…Lol..;) Also the music of the amazing, Lake Street Drive, YouTube. Inspiring. I also rocked my garden with enthusiasm. Seeds, plants, weeding, mulch. I love the disconnection right now. I’ve enjoyed meaningful phone conversations and talking with my husband without looking at my phone…(rude!) I’ve even gone out and forgot my phone.

So basically, I’m gonna get preachy for a second. So many of us are ridiculously distracted.. ADD culture. But it’s our own doing. We can live without Facebook. We can simplify. We can focus on our true goals, ¬†desires & passions. We can disconnect and learn new things and have real interactions with real people that matter.. Rant… done! I’m going to go brag to myself about my gardening..The joy is all mine, because I can’t water it down by posting it and seeing if other people will be interested.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication..Davinci